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Do you know how many of your Digg friends are active? We help you optimize your friend list. We analyze your recent submissions, and give you a detailed report tells you which of your friends have / have not dugg your recent submissions. You will get an idea who active and non-active friends are. So that you can remove the non-active friends, at the same time you can add the non-mutual active friends to your friend list.
  • Track Lastest Submissions
    You will get a list of your recent submissions. You can get an idea of how many and which of your friends have dugg each of your submissions.
  • Keep Active Friends
    We Show you the friends who dugg your submissions frequently. You know they are the ones who share the same interest with you.
  • Remove Non-Active Friends
    We Show you the friends who have not dugg any of your recent submissions. They are not active on Digg anymore, so that you can remove them from your friend list.
  • Suggest New Friends
    We suggest some of the non-mutual diggers who have dugg your submissions frequently. Adding them on your friend list will help you having more active friends on Digg.